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Liquor Laws Joint Media Release

Chansey Paech MLA  and Pat Turner NAACHO ABC Alice Springs

Dr. John Boffa on Liquor Act amendments

ABC ASP Breakfast SF Donna Ah Chee

MIchael Liddle SF ABC DRIVE

Congress Alcohol Protected Areas Media Release

Sunday Territorian Boffa opinion

Boffa ABC ASP Stronger Futures

NTG must withdraw Stronger Futures alcohol changes

Media Release NAAJA AMSANT AHNT Alcohol Legislations

Working list of APA only communities

Working list of APA only community living areas

NT Liquor Commission, police  to be congratulated

NT Government undermining own alcohol reforms

NT alcohol sales data – Pure Alcohol Content – before and after restrictions

Alcohol-related harm in the NT 2015 t0 2020

NT parties must come clean on alcohol policy..pdf

Country Liberals should wait for facts, not feed the rumour mill

New Liquor Act is great news for the NT

Robyn Lambley Independent  MLA and  former CLP Health Minister 'Lone Wolf' on alcohol floor price

Police data just keeps showing us what needs to be done


CAAAPU need Police back on outlets

Police off bottle shops   Violence. Kids on the streets of Alice Springs   Not rocket science

Congress calls for resignation of NT Police Commissioner

Call for openness on data as alcohol-related ED presentations rise

FARE’s Alcohol Poll is out today. See what Australians know about alcohol misuse and harm here

Plea to Police Commissioner to fill the bottle shop gap while reforms kick in

Police bottle shop absences  equal trouble and hospital ED headaches -  Log it on Facebook

PAAC Submission to NT Alcohol Review

Pre-election alcohol policy forum in Alice Springs – quiz the candidates?

Rise in Alice Springs assault numbers exposes gaps in policing

Temporary Beat Locations Stop the political games.
Do it properly or do it with ID scanning

Temporary Beat Locations - are they on or not?

Federal Committee makes excellent recommendations on alcohol

NT Legislative Assembly’s excellent report on FASD Feb. 2015

NT Ministers praise TBLs - but the grog flows again

NTG must honour commitment to evaluation of Alcohol Mandatory Treatment

PAAC Congratulates NT Minister on AMT changes

NTG should release findings of Alcohol Mandatory Treatment review and decriminalise drunkenness

PAAC Submission to NT Legislative Assembly Inquiry into FASD

PAAC Submission to Federal Inquiry into harmful use of alcohol in Aboriginal and Islander communities

PAAC submission NT Alcohol Mandatory Treatment review

Where is the Rest of the Data? Full Inquiry Needed

Obstinate NT Government  does nothing on Coroner’s take away recommendation

No Eggsperts in Adam’s Basket

Alcohol Mandatory Treatment  Positiion Paper

Russell Goldflam says the NT  is becoming the ‘bully state’ & a ‘slammer state.’

NT Government Drunk with Power

Inside Story

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NT Drowns in Grog While Tollner Ducks and Weaves

Chief Minister out of Alice out of touch on grog

BDR's Impact Was Building NT News

Where are the Alice Springs Easter Football Carnival  Alcohol Restrictions

Will Alice Springs be the Bunny at Easter footy

CLP data analysis doesn't pass muster

Alice an All Star thanks to goodwill and less grog


NT Governments Change of Heart a Good Start

Mills Should Chill on Grog


NT turns the corner on alcohol consumption

Lessons on alcohol policy for the CLP from Victoria

Canadian research supports floor price

CLP Alcohol Policy - Throwing the baby out

Floor Price Message is in a Bottle

Check your Council Candidates


PAAC submission on Stronger Futures Bills argues for floor price

John Boffa wins NT Australian of the Year

Macklin lets chance go by

Alice Springs council trying to keep lower alcohol prices: ABC Radio National

Coles ups wine price to aid Alice fight: The Australian

Supermarkets take the lead on alcohol abuse in Alice: ABC

Coles choses community over grog profits in Alice Springs

WA Parliamentary report recommends alcohol floor price: SMH/AAP


PAAC is an unincorporated association based in Alice Springs. Membership is open both to individuals and organisations that support its aims

PAAC’s current supporters includes medical and welfare organisations, churches, community groups and concerned individuals

What Works is What We Want

Click here for a Summary of PAAC’s Position

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DV Assault 2 

ED 2 



Who buys cheap grog?                       ~ John Holmes tells us in a nutshell


Alcohol floor price – the Canadian experience    ~ Tim Stockwell

Floor Price Evidence - PAAC

Photos from the Grog Crisis rally organised by PAAC in Alice Springs on 13th May 2013

Dr. John Boffa and PAAC supporters including Wuppy the dog
Andrea Mason Co-ordinator NPY Women's Council. PAAC Grog Crisis rally Alice Springs 13.5.13

Russell Goldflam, Presdient of the NT Criminal Lawyer’s association, says the NT  is becoming the ‘bully state’ and the ‘slammer state.’

Russell Goldflam Pres. NT Criminal Lawyers' Assoc and Blair McFarland MC at PAAC Grog Crisis rally Alice Sprigs 13.5.13

Read rally speech by Donna Ah Chee, CEO of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress health service

Donna Ah Chee CEO Central Australian Aboriginal Congress  at the PAAC rally. Photo  Alice Springs News Online
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